Yoga classes for beginners is an acquaintance with yoga as a method of healing and development of all physical and spiritual qualities and creative abilities available to a person. Yoga for beginners is a set of exercises that help a person get acquainted with the action of yoga, calm down, put things in order, and emotions in balance.

Method Features

Yoga exercises for beginners are soft and gentle. For convenience and ease of exercise, blocks, belts, and props (yoga devices) are often used. They are aimed at aligning and stretching the spine, strengthening the muscles of the whole body, developing uniform and calm breathing. After training, you feel calm and light throughout the body. In yoga for beginners, exercises that require serious physical exertion, strong twisting of the spine, lotus position, headstand, strong stretch marks are excluded. One of the most important tasks of yoga for beginners is to develop attentiveness and respect for your body. The initial level is in the Iyengar Yoga School the “first” classes of Brahmachari Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Tri Yoga, Vini Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Kripalu Yoga are considered soft , Dance Yoga. The gradual entry into practice is different for the Yoga 23 system, where the muscles of the whole body are first strengthened, and only then they begin serious stretching and twisting.


Yoga for beginners, if you practice regularly, changes your life more strongly than all subsequent stages of hatha yoga practice. Feeling harmony, you simply do not want to return to a state of anger, you will not get involved in disputes, do not force yourself to drink beer when you do not want to, but friends ask. Many bad habits drop themselves and from this life changes so much that this, the initial stage of yoga practice, is later remembered as the brightest and most powerful.

Who will suit

Yoga classes for beginners are recommended to everyone who has never before done yoga. Even if you are in good physical condition, it’s best to keep your joints and start with simple exercises. Hurry in yoga is inappropriate.