Yoga for beginners at home can begin with a technically complex, but complete and strong complex “Soft entry to yoga.” This complex of asanas is designed to restore physical fitness, as well as soft and deep study of the body using easy-to-understand yoga asanas. It harmoniously combines exercises on flexibility, traction and power load.

Clear instructions for performing asanas, accurate timing of the lesson and detailed drawings for printing will allow beginners to begin independent yoga classes at home with a full understanding of what is happening. This yoga complex, consisting of 20 exercises, will gently introduce you to yoga if you are a beginner, or will help you recover after a break in class.

Be prepared for the fact that with its external simplicity this yoga complex will not come easy to you the first time, so you will have room to develop and strive for it.

So, a soft entry into yoga for beginners at home …

Yoga lesson printout (short form)

Fig. 1. Yoga complex for beginners at home

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Before doing yoga

It is recommended not to eat at least 2 hours. To perform the exercises of the yoga complex for beginners, any non-slip coating is suitable. Dress in comfortable clothes that do not constrain movement, and leave your feet barefoot.

Space for yoga at home

During yoga, it is important to be able to concentrate. Therefore, ensure yourself peace and quiet, turn off the phone and external sources of sound, ask relatives not to bother you.

Provide the room with fresh air and a comfortable temperature. During yoga, you should be warm. When doing yoga in cold conditions, you risk injuring your joints and ligaments.

The training area should be clean. Therefore, remove dust from furniture in a timely manner and do wet cleaning.

When doing yoga exercises (asanas)

Move smoothly and intently, carefully read the explanations for performing asanas and follow all the instructions given there. The most common mistake of novice yogis is the desire to go deeper into the asana at any cost.

It doesn’t matter how deep the shape is. Important,