There are many reasons to start playing sports. Constant movement is the prevention of aging. Our body loves movement. During sports, muscle cramps and clamps go away, metabolism is normalized, and cerebral circulation improves. If you choose between physical and psychological development, then, of course, you need to start with the physical. Psychological preparation without physical is devoid of any common sense. The brain consumes about 20% of the blood, so if you are not involved in physical development, then there can be no question of any successful psychological activity.

Similarly, it’s hard to imagine how a car without gas can work. No matter how good it is, it is impossible. In addition, physical development in itself can lead to increased self-esteem. When you begin to engage in your physical fitness, then psychological growth is simply inevitable. And this in itself is one of the necessary components of happiness – awareness of personal growth. Even the word gymnasium – came from the word gymnastics. In ancient Greece, the first and most important subject was physical education. A physically unprepared person makes a miserable impression. And it’s sometimes even difficult to decide that he can also be smart. So let’s go in for sports :-).

The first video lesson is a set of basic yoga asanas for beginners. Twenty minutes of classes, including basic yoga asanas aimed at increasing muscle tone, joint mobility, flexibility of the spine, improving blood circulation, normalizing metabolism, acquiring a beautiful posture – the production of endorphins (“hormones of happiness”), activation of vital energy.