Yoga - exercises for

General guidelines for yoga will help you get the most out of your practice.

1. For yoga, you need to choose a group that matches your level of physical fitness and health features. You can choose the optimal training regime yourself, or in consultation with the administrator of our Club.

Preparatory – introductory classes for beginners with a low load, yoga therapy. Suitable for: people leading a sedentary lifestyle, older people, people with health problems.

Beginner – Yoga for beginners. Suitable for those who have just decided to start doing yoga, as well as for people with experience of up to 3 years.

Advanced – classes for people with experience of regular classes for more than 3 years.

2. The right choice of level will allow you to gradually, gently enter the practice, get used to the lessons, learn the yoga exercises and the basic principles of performing the techniques correctly, get the most benefit for yourself from the very first lessons.

3. The most important rule in yoga is to enjoy your workouts. Yoga exercises should not overwork the body. Especially at the beginning of practice it is important to listen to your feelings and not bring the load to the maximum level. Yoga classes for beginners are primarily aimed at the general harmonization of all body systems, relieving stress and muscle tension, so the practice should be complicated gradually.

4. For yoga, you must have comfortable clothes. It is desirable that it be sewn and natural fabrics and not hamper movements. Yoga classes are barefoot, so shoes are not required.

5. For training, you need a yoga mat. Now special rubber mats for yoga are being produced. These rugs do not slip, and are light enough. They can be purchased at our club or in a sports store. If you do not want to have your own rug, you can use the rugs in our Club.

6. Before starting yoga, it is not recommended to eat food for 2-3 hours, and liquid for 30-60 minutes. During training, there should be no feeling of hunger or heaviness after eating. Compliance with this rule is especially important for those who are just starting to practice.