Yoga for beginners: 11

It is so easy to waste positive energy in the hustle and bustle of work. One and surefire ways to make up for it is Yoga.

5 initial asanas that you can master at home! Save to the wall and exercise in your free time!

And do not forget to drink asanas with yogurt

Initial asanas (exercises):

You can start the first asanas even without an instructor. Such asanas will only benefit, even if their performance is not entirely accurate or correct. But these simple asanas will prepare for a better understanding of your body, will give a direction for development.

No need to rush. It is only necessary to tune in to the sensations of your body. Everything needs to be done very gradually.

Performing asana, you need to feel the stretching of the muscles of the body and limbs.

The simplest asanas for beginners:

1. Tree pose. Tree pose. Become straight. When inhaling, slowly raise your hands, extend them up as far as possible. Pull straight arms behind the head, revealing the chest. To enhance the effect and develop a sense of balance, you need to raise the bent leg, putting its foot on the thigh.

This asana will give a graceful posture and strengthen the spinal column.

2. Pose of the child. Sit with buttocks on the heels. Then lower the body to the hips, arms stretch out relaxed forward.

This asana gently relaxes the clamped muscles of the back, relieves tension from the neck.

3. Mountain pose (“dog pose”) Bend over and place hands with palms on the floor. Then raise the pelvis up, back heels back. The weight should be evenly distributed between the palms and feet. Lower your head under your elbows.

This asana will make slim legs and relieve tension from the shoulder girdle and from the back.

4. Stork pose. Raise your arms up, bend down with an exhale, bending from the lower back.

This asana will give flexibility to the legs and increase the tone of the body.

5. Onion pose Lie on your stomach, grab yourself by both ankles, and when you inhale, raise both the upper and lower halves of your torso.

This asana will make the back straight, arms are slender, and will strengthen the muscles of the abs.

When practicing yoga, remember – do everything leisurely, thoughtfully. Feel your every movement, enjoy it. And do not forget about your thoughts – use the time of yoga in order to relax, distract from problems and make yourself a little better than yesterday. Good luck to you!