Do you think that yoga is the lot of young people? Believe me, this is not so. The very first woman who popularized yoga in the USA and the USSR, Evgenia Vasilievna Labunskaya-Peterson, better known as Indra Devi. She practiced until she was very old, traveled all over the world with seminars and introduced yoga to the first persons of the states. People who begin to do yoga in adulthood can not be counted. But nevertheless: those who are already over 40 have much more doubts about their abilities than young people. Our expert will tell you what are the benefits of doing yoga after 45 and where to start the practice.

Expert: Marina Agni – yoga instructor – experience of personal practice 10 years, teaching experience – 5 years – aerobics instructor – teaching experience 3 years. Practice experience in fitness – 15 years.


How to start doing yoga after 45?

Yoga has no age restrictions. It’s never too late to start self-improvement, it’s never too late to start studying yourself, your body, your psyche. If you, say, 60, and you think that it’s too late to change something, just ask yourself the question: how many more years am I going to live? Let’s say your answer is 10 years. So, do you want to improve the quality of life for these 10 years? If so, you need to start.

What are the limitations of those who practice after 45. Age yoga, what is it?

For me there is no concept of AGE RESTRICTION and the concept of AGE YOGA. In fact, no matter what is written in the medical literature, there are no diseases or symptoms corresponding to a certain age. Well, who can tell me with at least a 50% probability what I will / will not be sick at 45 and how I will feel. How your body develops is only your responsibility. If you take responsibility for what you eat, for your daily routine, for your emotional state, then your body is healthy regardless of what is written in the passport. Do you know that in yoga it is believed that a person should leave (die) from a healthy body? Is 80% of the disease just due to the wrong daily routine?

The modern pharmacological industry is an emergency measure. You really need to use this when you need to urgently improve the situation.

– And what about those who systematically feel unwell, thereby can not do yoga regularly?

My personal experience shows that each organism is individual and there are no recipes universal for everyone. The very value of yoga is that it develops such a thing as awareness in a person. What is it? This is such a dialogue with myself: what am I doing now, why am I doing it now, what am I FEELING now, why am I feeling it now, what needs to be changed in order to FEEL GOOD.