Yoga today is not only a spiritual practice, but also an incredibly popular form of fitness. The debate about whether it is possible to lose weight while doing yoga, then subside, then flare up with renewed vigor, but one thing remains certain: yoga heals the soul and fills the body with strength and energy.

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Before those who decide to take the path of self-knowledge and improve their body, there is always the question of finding a teacher. Often it’s very difficult to find a mentor suitable for you, and it can take a lot of time. In any case, home practice is very important. That is why today video tutorials are so popular, in particular on YouTube. About the most sought after and famous yoga trainers, an example of which will surely inspire you to classes, and we will discuss further.

It is best to start getting acquainted with yoga through video lessons from Sarah Aivengo. She is a recognized yoga master and a talented teacher. Sarah has a rare gift: in simple and accessible words she can easily explain very complex things. That is why its sets of exercises for beginners are as clear as possible even to those who are poorly aware of what yoga is.

Often her “Fundamentals of Yoga for Dummies” is recommended to be used as the first step in the development of yoga. That is why we started our rating of the best yoga trainers with her. After reviewing this course, much will become clear, and stupid questions will simply disappear, but this is not even the main thing. You can do yoga with maximum efficiency, because the correctness of the exercises is the key to success!

Mandy Ingber

Mandy Ingber is one of the Hollywood fitness celebrities who has no end to star clients. Actress Jennifer Aniston is one of them. “When I started training with Mandy, I soon noticed that my legs became slimmer, my arms stronger and my body was toned. Yoga Mandy is unique! During the classes, I combine business with pleasure: I meditate, train and spend time with my friend, ”Aniston once said. In 2009, she and Mandy Ingber appeared on the Vogue U-Turn.