Are you looking for a sport that will help you relieve tension, give strength and at the same time make your body fit? Your ideal choice is yoga for beginners. Exercises or correctly – asanas (postures) are selected taking into account the features of the modern rhythm of life.

Our usual everyday life is an endless cycle of events in which it is not always possible to find time for complete relaxation and strengthening your health. Jumping out of bed and rushing to work in a hurry is not the best way to start your day. Today we offer you to join in such an ancient art as yoga.

The exercises of the complex below are recommended to be performed in the morning. They will not take much time, and in combination with a refreshing shower and a light breakfast, they will energize you for the rest of the day! The lesson will not take you more than 20 minutes, but at the same time it will be invaluable to your well-being.

Morning yoga for beginners has the following advantages:

improves well-being, kneads joints and spine – effectively strengthens and tones back muscles and the entire body – provides massage of internal organs and strengthens blood circulation – harmonizes the internal state and gives an optimistic mood due to the production of endorphins – prepares the body for active mental and physical work throughout the day.

If by temperament you are more likely an “owl” than a “lark” and you are not comfortable doing it in the morning, you can train at any time of the day. However, it is noticed that in the morning hours the body is more relaxed and supple on exposure. And consciousness in the morning has not yet had time to be clouded by a heap of everyday thoughts.

In addition, the ancients believed that every time you meet the dawn, one sin is forgiven at sunrise. Not without reason in yoga there is a whole complex of asanas called “Surya Namaskar” (salutation to the sun). Yoga for beginners involves exercises that are not difficult to perform and do not require special training. Starting with the development of the complex below, you can move on and reach your own peaks.