kundalini yoga breathing
KUNDALINI YOGA is the whole spectrum of yogic practice – static and dynamic exercises associated with special breathing, meditation and singing mantras. Kundalini yoga is suitable for people of any complexion and physical fitness. This is a unique discipline that works with your nervous and endocrine systems. The school of kundalini yoga clarifies and improves the work of the mind, revitalizes our feelings. It allows you to learn to control your feelings, without suppressing them, develops an internal observer. The basis of Kundalini practice is Kriyas – a sequence of dynamic, static exercises and relaxation, aimed at achieving a specific effect. Each exercise in kundalini yoga has three aspects: body position (asana), breathing (pranayama), breathing concentration (dhyana).

We offer Kundalini yoga classes for beginners. Our yoga lessons:


At these classes, we will perform a set of exercises from Kundalini Yoga, which helps to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. In these Kundalini yoga classes, we activate the energy centers that are responsible for intuition, feeling and understanding of ourselves. This means that the transmission from your brain and the strength of your intuition can instantly tell you what you should do. As a result, our luck is enhanced in the most natural way.

Kundalini Yoga classes for women, both for beginners and experienced ones, are real help for those who want to realize their feminine essence, restore inner harmony, feel their true nature. According to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, every woman has eleven moon points, which are sequentially activated in her body for a cycle of twenty-eight days, remaining active for two and a half days. The emotions of a woman vary depending on the activity of one or another of her lunar centers. If a woman observes nutrition, practices female yoga, meditates, she notices her emotional inclinations as each of the lunar centers activates, but does not become their victim. She begins to better understand herself and make better use of her internal energy.


The sound of a gong promotes deep relaxation, freeing us from the rapid flow of thoughts. A gong transforms feelings that are blocked by strong thoughts and restores them. These experiences can be frightening, erotic, exciting, or enjoy. This is individual for everyone. The vibrations of the gong pass through the body and act on the meridians and channels, setting them up for self-healing. In Kundalini Yoga, the Wookiee of the gong removes blocks and clamps, reducing stress and stimulating fluid circulation. There is a transformation of emotional energy and feelings that are interconnected within the structure of the physical body.


A new program for those wishing to reach a new level of understanding and awareness of the impact of yoga practice. The cycle includes both answers to theoretical questions and solving practical problems. For example, how to use your simple exercises to find your own load format and regain your confidence and good mood? In the lesson, you are supposed to study the principles that reveal the essence of the healing and healing method:

– Types of physical activity and ways to regulate mood