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Hatha yoga gives visible results only with regular classes. A person who has decided to do yoga should develop the habit of conducting classes constantly. This is one of the conditions for successful practice of conducting yoga sessions, compliance with which will help to achieve results.

How much yoga do you need for beginners

Yogis do not welcome excessive zeal. This will lead to the fact that the beginner does not maintain interest, “burns out” and leaves the classes, without having understood the enormous benefits that they bring. Two lessons per week – the optimal amount for beginners. Gradually, the body will get stronger, energized, and then the person will understand that it is time to increase the load, increase the complexity of the asanas. To this we must go gradually, slowly, listening to their capabilities. In order to gradually switch to changes in your own body, we recommend that you also review your nutrition system and try to cook in the same way that yogis eat: a balanced diet will relieve heaviness from the stomach, provide a feeling of lightness throughout the body.

Achieving external performance is not a goal in yoga. The strength, flexibility and beauty of the body come themselves, with regular practice. The main thing is the presence of harmony in each of the classes. If there is no harmony, then classes cannot be called yoga, it will be a set of ordinary exercises, such as gymnastics or acrobatics, for example. It is difficult to catch this line for beginners, because it is difficult to renounce the ordinary and tune into harmony. Modern man is not used to focusing on his inner world, trusting him. Therefore, answering the question of when it is possible to achieve results in yoga, the question of achieving inner harmony with oneself comes first.

Yoga practices are designed to help a person listen to their inner world, understand feelings and desires. This path is slow, unhurried, but it is reliable and tested for thousands of years. The road of knowledge will lead to happiness and joy, which cannot be achieved without a harmonious approach. Harmony is achieved only by a gradual entry into practice.

Classes will have the expected effect of teaching you to listen to yourself, find harmony and experience peace. These are the main ultimate goals, but they can be achieved only by developing a habit in the initial stages.

How much yoga do you need per week for practitioners

With the successful completion of the addictive stage, you can go to training three times a week for a half hour. This mode is suitable for those who are engaged in full force. The body must not only be loaded, it must be given the opportunity to recover. If a person does not use all the capabilities of the body, and given that yoga is more self-absorbing than physical activity, then you can do it daily, leaving one day for complete relaxation.