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Many girls who have decided to do yoga want to do it at home for some reason: someone has a long trip to the studio, someone does not have enough free time for this, someone has limited finances. The first question that newbies have is where to start? And, really, how to create a program for classes, what asanas to include in it, when to change it? To make a decision for each of the items listed, follow the simple rules.

Ideally, for yoga, you should not have any specific program .. So, teachers with experience say that the body should tell you what asanas you need to perform in one way or another. Of course, such an ability to understand your body will come over time, when you learn to understand yoga and master the technique of performing asanas.

Take some lessons from the teacher

Even if you are planning yoga at home, think about the option to take some individual lessons from the teacher. This will provide an opportunity to master the correct technique of asanas (which is very important in yoga), as well as give an impetus to start. As a rule, the trainer conducts several classes with you to understand what you need. After he develops an individual program, according to which you will study at home for several months.

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On average, one lesson with a qualified yoga teacher will cost 300-380 hryvnia.

The asanas that you will perform depend on your sports experience, physique, and a number of other factors.

Find the YouTube channel

In the era of video bloggers, you can find video channels of yoga teachers on YouTube, where, as a rule, all the nuances of practice are told, as well as ready-made programs for beginners are presented. By and large, this option of compiling an individual program is convenient, requires no costs, and gives a good result.

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The only time when choosing this path, be sure to read the reviews about the program, from those who have already tried, and also learn the technique of each exercise separately.