This practice does not belong to the category of lungs and public ones – Kundalini Yoga for beginners requires some preparation. Kundalini gives a lot of advantages: it teaches emotional control and self-energy management.

What is kundalini yoga?

Creative (sexual) energy is either controlled by us or controlled by us. Initially, this energy is favorable – it does not have “negative” shades. However, its inept use leads to weakening of the body and to the destruction of health (a prominent example of improper use is promiscuous sexual life).

Kundalini Yoga teaches to control creative energy, to adjust the energy channels associated with the glands and the nervous system. Thanks to this practice, a person gains sensitivity to changes in energy, gains the ability to compensate for this process, to accumulate energy. This practice has its own peculiarity – it is based on internal work, and asanas only create an energy circuit and help in achieving a certain state.

The structure of classes: • Preparation (mantras) • Kriya – consecutive performance of asanas that open energy channels • Relaxation (performance of asanas aimed at relieving tension) • Stabilization of consciousness (singing mantras)

Experienced yogis perform 21 kriyas, which takes about 3 hours. Kundalini yoga, designed for beginners, is much simpler. The main requirement: the complex must be balanced.

The complex proposed below combines kundalini and hatha yoga. Thanks to this, even those who do not have much experience can master it. Asanas act on important energy channels and increase vital energy.

Sit with your legs folded in the “lotus” position, bend your elbows, join your palms in a prayer mudra. Close your eyelids, look up to the point between the eyebrows. Breathe smoothly, mentally repeat the mantra “om.” Duration – 3 minutes.