yoga for the elderly

Yoga for beginners Never think that yoga is not for you. This does not happen. Yoga is the Way to Myself, and each of us has it. This path is not just accessible, but necessary. Every day we can know ourselves more than we knew yesterday, and be more attentive to ourselves than we were before. If we practice under the supervision of a sensitive teacher and not from case to case, but regularly, then over time we quietly begin to change, and not only at the bodily level. Naturally, from yoga, health is strengthened, immunity is raised, tone is increased and a cheerful mood begins to prevail. All this is true, but this is not the main thing. All this is a bonus that a person who has embarked on the path of yoga – on the Path to Self receives. Anyone who practices yoga thoughtfully under the guidance of a true yoga master will say that from the very first days his life began to change. At the beginning of the journey, these changes were subtle. For example, he began to evaluate the events and actions of people or ordinary things and thoughts in a slightly different way and brought him unexpected joy. Some people notice that the colors of nature are becoming juicier, others say that they began to understand the thoughts and intentions of others. But the further a person progresses on the path of working with himself and attention to himself, the more and more deeply he becomes aware of himself and the world around him. When practicing yoga for beginners, you suddenly begin to acquire new useful habits and abandon bad ones yourself. The body itself will begin to tell you what is good for him and what should be avoided. You will have more energy and willpower to implement new projects that you did not dare to dream about before. Your nervous system will be fully strengthened and you will not be able to lose your temper. Just by learning to control your breathing, you can only by breathing in your condition control your anger and dissatisfaction. Your body and mind will become flexible and elastic and you can easily find a way out of situations that seemed to you previously hopeless. And these are just a few examples of the changes that await you on the path of yoga.

It is no exaggeration to say that yoga is a kind of operation. You need to immediately agree with yourself “still on the beach” that I am sick, and yoga is a treatment. One should never accept the practice of yoga as entertainment or as a sport. Yoga requires great devotion and tremendous effort. It’s impossible to do yoga once every two weeks, it’s not a bike to ride a couple of times and put on the balcony. The concept of “yoga practice” includes not only visiting a yoga club and doing yoga on the mat. Yoga practice is a much broader concept. These are classes and observance of the principles of yoga in everyday life. Such pillars-commandments of yoga as Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (non-covetousness) require a practitioner and deep understanding, and willingness to embody them in their daily lives. That is, as far as we devote ourselves to the practice of yoga, to what extent it opens in us.