Exercises for the beautiful

In the modern world, yoga has become extremely popular. Now yoga classes occupy a leading position in almost any fitness club. In this regard, there are tendencies for the further development of yoga, and one of its new directions is Pilates yoga.

Pilates yoga is an exercise system that is a subtle combination of the oldest yoga teaching and exercise system created by Joseph Pilates, who has not been around for hundreds of years. Both systems themselves are extremely effective, but in a well-thought-out synthesis they open up new, broader possibilities for students.

Everyone knows that yoga is a complex of fairly complex spiritual and physical practices, and yoga classes are contraindicated for people with a number of diseases. However, what to do if you have an injured spine or hypertension? And just the lack of basic physical fitness can be an obstacle to doing yoga. Pilates yoga is just such a system that will allow the most efficient and at the same time generous rehabilitation of people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This system is the best suited for those who have not been engaged in fitness for a long time and are just starting.

Yoga and Pilates – general principles, but different accents

If we compare yoga and Pilates, then Pilates is a strength training that is more adapted for a Westerner, which aims to tone small stabilizing muscles that support the spine. Pilates is designed primarily for the physical effect – the normalization of the spine, joints, abs, etc.

Yoga strengthens these muscles in a different way: the muscles are stretched, thus stretching the spine. The result is correct posture and a beautiful body. In addition, yoga is aimed at spiritual improvement, which allows classes to beneficially influence the emotional state of a person.

Thus, both systems have much in common. The principles on which they are based are similar, only the emphasis is placed differently: in Pilates, the emphasis is on the body, in yoga – on the spirit.

Pilates Yoga – a successful synthesis of two systems

The Pilates Yoga program combines the strengths of the two systems described above. On the one hand, Pilates-yoga allows you to develop the connection of the body and mind at an affordable level, to feel how our consciousness controls the state of the body. On the other hand, this system contains exercises that are designed primarily to improve the physical level, to maximize the condition of the spine and muscle corset. From yoga in this complex are taken, in particular, meditation and postures, which are designed to develop flexibility and relieve the student from stress. Pilates introduced strength exercises and stretching into the system.