Ashtanga Yoga, also known

What do I need in order to start classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Center?

You need to familiarize yourself with the schedule in the Halls section and choose a group suitable for you in time and level. See how to select a group in the corresponding section. It’s better to come in 10-15 minutes. before the start of classes, in order to have time to change clothes and tune in to practice. You do not need to register for classes at the Yoga Center, except for those groups that are marked on the schedule “by appointment”. Classes are held regularly. If you have never practiced, then come to the initial group. Over time, you will be able to attend the initial 2, etc. Carefully study the passage patterns to our rooms.

What clothes do you need to do yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Center?

Clothing should be light, not restricting movements. Any sportswear that allows you to move freely is suitable. For example, a T-shirt and sweatpants. It is better to give preference to clothes made from natural fabrics. It is more convenient to do barefoot. But it is quite acceptable in socks. Comfortable fitness socks that do not slip.

Do you have rugs?

You can start practicing on the rugs that are in the yoga center. But it is recommended to purchase your own rug, which you can leave in our rooms. The ideal option is a special non-slip yoga mat.

How often do I need to attend classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Center?

The basic principle of yoga practice and its positive effect is regularity. It is best to start twice a week. After a few months, according to your feelings or having talked with the teacher, you can increase the frequency of classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Center up to three or more times a week. If you wish, you can study at home every day, completing a simple program, after specifying it with the teacher.

How to eat and drink before class and after?

Do not eat 2-4 hours before class. If you are experiencing severe hunger, then it is better to eat something light, such as fruit or vegetable salad. After it is better to eat after 30-60 minutes. You can drink plain water before and after the lesson, and during the lesson is not recommended.