Can pregnant women do a headstand? What asanas will relieve the symptoms of toxicosis? How to meditate on expectant mothers? Yoga for pregnant women in the first trimester dictates rules that must be strictly observed.

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Maternity Yoga

The history of a healthy pregnancy begins long before fertilization has occurred. When a woman is planning a pregnancy, she needs to make sure that the body produces healthy eggs. To do this, 3-4 months before conception, give up cigarettes, alcohol, junk food and start practicing yoga. The training program for women is in

During pregnancy, special practice helps to improve digestion, circulation and respiration. Yoga for pregnant women will avoid morning sickness, constipation, varicose veins, headaches and many other troubles. She will provide you with a natural and light birth.

Yoga rules for pregnant women in 1 trimester

All the asanas that you are going to perform for the first time, you must first work out with the instructor. Enter all poses smoothly and avoid jumping (they create an undesirable strain on the muscles and vessels). When leaning forward, do not squeeze your stomach, try to stretch better. Do not be afraid to perform inverted asanas and even a headstand. They are very useful for pregnant women and are especially good if previous pregnancies ended in a miscarriage. However, do not forget about the first rule. If you had a miscarriage, do not perform asanas while standing – you do not need such stress. Perform shavasana on your side, especially in the later stages, so as not to pinch the inferior vena cava. Reduce the duration of asanas, watch for well-being.Engage every day. If that doesn’t work, your minimum is twice a week.

Yoga for pregnant women – pranayama and meditation

During pregnancy, techniques, viloma, and surya bhedana are recommended. Of the meditation practices, the best sounding technique is om, ajapajapa meditation and, of course, soothing – the best way to relax during pregnancy. But do not forget: just like shavasana, yoga nidra during pregnancy should be practiced while lying on one side.

Maternity Yoga – First Trimester

From the first to the third months of pregnancy, you can perform almost all asanas recommended for female yoga. Look at the various complexes. The exception to this period is abdominal postures, which suggest strong tension in the abdomen. These are urdhva prasarita padasana, jatara parivartanasana III, navasana, paripurna navasana and others.