(1 part) These sets of yoga exercises are designed for two hours of classes. However, due to the fact that the modern person is constantly in a hurry and late somewhere, he always does not have enough time to work on himself. Therefore, for beginners of yoga, you can do 1 hour 15 minutes a day: for 1 hour you practice yoga exercises (asanas) and at the end of classes you do 15 minutes of Shavasanu. If possible, during the weekend, do one and a half to two hours: 1 hour 45 minutes do a set of yoga exercises and at the end of 15 minutes Shavasanu. It is advisable to do yoga every day. The next day, after the 3rd set of yoga exercises, practice the 1st set again, and then the 2nd, etc.

In yoga, it is very important NOT to force and NOT control yourself. If you missed a lesson, then just let it be and do it the next day without any remorse. Life is already full of obstacles, so you do not need to create another burden in the form of yoga, with which you need to work every day. Classes should NOT be an obligation for you to do every day. It is better to do it three times a week and for 40 minutes, but do it in a good mood, without any expectations and judgments, than do it every day for 2 hours, forcing and controlling yourself and expecting something special from practice. However, if the reluctance to engage in comes from laziness, then you need to go against it. Our mind is quirky and cunning, it will find a hundred excuses not to be in the present moment. Indeed, in fact, for an hour or two you are alone with your thoughts, therefore it is not surprising that our mind (ego) will provide strong resistance – after all, this is the death of our false essence, our fears, complexes, false beliefs and beliefs, mental models of perception of the world. If this is so, then all the more it is necessary to engage in and to catch such thoughts as soon as possible.

Do yoga on the floor, laying a sheet or rug. The best time to practice is early morning. Woke up, worked out – the job is done, no more need to remember this. If this is not possible, then you can engage in at other times of the day. The main thing is that the stomach is empty – this is one of the benefits of exercising in the morning. Now let’s move on to the practice of yoga exercises.

After reading the article “What is yoga?”, We realized that yoga is the “silence of the mind” or, in other words, the absence of thoughts in the head. It is in this state of consciousness that all asanas are performed without exception.