(2009) What is yoga?

Every spring and every autumn we celebrate the Feast of Thanks. Thanks for the opportunity to live, the opportunity to die and the opportunity to be born again, for the trials in overcoming which we are moving towards perfection. Thanks to Teachers, Earth and Heaven, parents and children, water, flowers, light, wind … Our streams will unite in a common big river of Gratitude, and, sooner or later, it will lead us to Love. Being convinced of the materiality of thought, we believe in your positive reaction and quick inclusion in business.

And this time, we offer to celebrate the holiday not only in the circle of brothers. October 7 (Friday) start and end your day with a gratitude meditation: take as much time as you can for this, most importantly – sincerely and sincerely thank the School and the Teacher, the World, the Universe, relatives and friends. Time for meditation is offered at 7:00 and at 23:00. In the afternoon, buy some apples and treat your loved ones, friends, colleagues in the office. Treat and express to them your appreciation and gratitude.

And on October 8 (Saturday) the Temple of Man in St. Petersburg will hold a traditional free meditation, which will be held in the center on Ushinsky St. 3, building 3, at 13:00.

We invite those who wish to spend Sunday on September 4 at a one-day seminar in the picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg. Details here.

Six months of painstaking work of students on themselves. Flights and the work of specialists from St. Petersburg and Moscow. Theories, extreme practices, participation and implementation of the School’s practices (“Dream of Consciousness”, “Yoga Night”).

For the 7th time, on the basis of our center, the training of instructors from the George Bogoslovsky Yoga School “Wings of Excellence” was held. Congratulations to the new instructors and wish them success!

Photos of students can be found here.