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Today, yoga has stepped far beyond India, gradually conquering the whole world. For many decades, interest in it has been growing among people of different nations and cultures, who understand that the practice of yoga can restore and restore physical and mental health. A detailed description of asanas, clear instructions, a specially compiled complex are ideal for those who want to become stronger, healthier, more resistant to difficulties, but are afraid that he will not have enough time for this. Try using this book to work out at least a few days in a row. Very soon you will feel a surge of new strength and will be able to cope with tasks that previously seemed impossible. The book was also published under the title “Yoga for Beginners.” The publishing design was saved in pdf A4 format. In our library you can read for free the book “Fundamentals of Yoga. Everything you need for independent study. ” To read the online book “Fundamentals of Yoga. All you need for independent study “click on the link. Enjoy your reading.