Everyone knows the undoubted benefits that the system of exercises called yoga has. And one more of its advantages is that with the help of yoga, you can lose weight, return the body to its former harmony and mobility.

The use of yoga for weight loss has been known for a long time, and many today resort to this method, since its effect on the body is multifaceted.

What can yoga do for weight loss?

Excess weight, as a rule, is the result of several factors. And yoga will help to cope immediately with three of them.

Firstly, it helps to get physical activity, without which it is impossible to burn calories. Secondly, as a result of classes, the metabolism is accelerated. Thirdly, yoga allows you to find healthy eating habits.

What increases the metabolism of those who practice yoga? The complex includes special exercises, which are called shatkarma. They are purifying, and allow you to ensure the flow of the maximum amount of oxygen into the body. Having learned how to breathe correctly in training, a person does this further in everyday life.

During yoga, all muscle groups are involved. For example, the gluteal muscles become more elastic after a few months of training – and this is a group of muscles that is quite difficult to influence.

An individual set of exercises is usually developed for each student, depending on the existing problems of the figure.

As for weight, doing it regularly can reduce it. Although this effect may not be so pronounced, as at the same time as “leaving” the fat, muscle mass is formed. However, you should not worry about what the scales show, because the changes that occur with the figure will be very impressive.

Fat leaves the problem areas, muscles become embossed, joint mobility, flexibility and dexterity improve. At the same time, if you abandon most strength exercises, and increase the number of stretching exercises, muscle growth can be slowed down.