Yoga Exercises for Development
Our yoga center is one of the oldest in Minsk, exists and has been developing since 2003. Among other yoga studios and yoga centers in Minsk, our school is distinguished by the following features:

Real health care

One of the main goals of our yoga classes is to increase life expectancy, preserve biological youth and an active lifestyle for as long as possible. Our yoga courses are built to achieve this goal, taking into account all the possible components of the question: how the body is aging, and what exactly can we oppose to this. And since many people come with different health problems, we carefully try to take them into account when building general classes and specialized yoga lessons. We try to take into account the individual characteristics of each student and ensure maximum safety of classes.

Objective benefit

Arriving at our yoga classes, you can be sure that you will get the maximum objective benefit, and the time of the lesson will not be spent on entertaining, but ineffective exercises. In hatha yoga classes, you will receive a qualitative development of muscle strength and endurance, the development of the respiratory apparatus, improved metabolism, posture correction, and stress adaptation. Our yoga program is well adapted for beginners, it is not demanding of preliminary preparation, level of flexibility, etc. We do not give any potentially dangerous exercises. But the arsenal of exercises is large enough to fully realize the tasks of strength training, flexibility, etc.

Meditation for a person (not a person for meditation)

For many people, and not only beginners, the practice of working with consciousness seems mysterious, containing few “normal” explanations, and is hardly applicable to ordinary life. In our meditation course, we offer well-explainable methods that allow solving relatively specific and useful tasks in a relatively short period. To make the practice as purely functional as possible, we have no emphasis on Indo-Tibetan culture and religion.


Teachers of the school have education in medicine, rehabilitation, health-improving physical education, psychology and related disciplines, have extensive teaching experience and are constantly improving their knowledge. We study a lot and work to understand all the nuances of which method allows you to achieve a particular result in the shortest possible way.

Our site has a large number of unique articles on the physiology and biomechanics of yoga, the relationship of longevity and yoga, meditation. Also for yoga practitioners in Minsk, the site contains useful links on products for yoga, dietary supplements, training, etc.