The word “yoga” is known to almost everyone. But at the same time, most do not understand its exact meaning. Sometimes yoga is shrouded in some mystical halo – practitioners make a mysterious expression on their face, and those who have never been to yoga classes think that they constantly chant mantras, burn incense and eventually become Buddhists …

But Yandex was most surprised by the fact that Wordstat in the query statistics service indicates that people who searched for the word “yoga” in the search engine also look for “fortune-telling”, “dream book”, “lunar calendar” and “nirvana”. However, you can’t argue about the latter. After many years of practice, you can still answer the question “How to achieve nirvana”.

But still, where to start the practice of yoga? B.K.S. Iyengar – the famous founder of the same direction of yoga – often says to his many students: “The most difficult thing in yoga is to spread a rug.” By the way, Iyengar himself is now over 90 years old and he continues to practice yoga, learn more and more new students and travel the world with lectures and seminars.

So, you need to start with a simple one – sign up for a trial lesson in a studio or yoga group. Moreover, he strongly recommends going for a trial lesson, rather than buying a long subscription. The fact is that you need to decide on several points:

What direction of yoga is suitable for you? Is it convenient to practice in a particular room, on specific equipment? Is the atmosphere suitable for you in the classroom and is the instructor, or rather a yoga teacher, close in spirit to you?