Important in paired asanas is the concentration on the partner. You must become one. Be sure to keep in touch during exercise, speak, in order to better build a position. Do not make sudden movements, warn of a change in posture.

Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes. Then deepen the asana. The partner will help you overcome the limits of flexibility and provide an additional point of support, as well as be an extra incentive for training.

1. Pose of dancing Shiva

Focus: coordination and balance.

Stand facing each other. Join hands in front of you. Lift the leg bent at the knee and cross it with the partner’s leg. Bend the second leg at the knee. Breathe calmly and help each other keep their balance.

Once you reach balance, look into each other’s eyes and smile.

Make an asana with support on the other leg.

Effect: increasing concentration and relieving nervous tension.

2. Tilt to the feet

Focus: stretching the back muscles of the hips and back, spine.

Stand with your back to each other. Raise your hands, and then exhale, bend down to the feet. Wrap your arms around each other’s knees. Strive to hug each other’s shoulders.

Effect: toning of the internal organs, relaxation of the lower back.

3. The pose of the tree

Focus: coordination and balance.

Stand sideways next to each other. Transfer the weight by one foot. Bend the second and press the foot to the supporting leg. Take your knee as far as possible. The hand of the partner will serve as an additional point of support. The other hand can be placed on a raised knee or connected to the partner’s hand.

Then switch places and make a “tree” for the other side.

Effect: improved posture, increased concentration.

4. Together in a boat

Focus: strengthening the muscles of the abs, back and hips.

Sit facing each other with legs bent. Hold hands Lift one leg and connect the feet. Then raise the other legs. To achieve harmony in this pose, you need to breathe in unison.

Effect: improving digestion, getting rid of back pain.