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The last time about the downshifters who rented out apartments and went to practice kundalini in Asia was remembered at the end of the crisis. Worried what they would live on. After talking with eight fugitives on Phangan Island, the Afisha Daily was convinced that the money did not bother them. That is completely.

Andrey EvdokimovCouch. Member of the International Federation of Coaching and the Board of Directors of the Russian branch of ICF. 38 years

I was born in Moscow. It somehow happened that I received three higher educations. First, he graduated from the Plekhanov Academy with a degree in finance and credit. In addition, De Haagse Hogeschool studied marketing at the Dutch high school. And also the International Erickson University – there I studied coaching.

I began to engage in transformational practices in 1991 – I had measles, did not attend school, and there was no opportunity to get an education. It was necessary to somehow get out of the situation. And I began to engage in technology development myself. And my first transformational experience occurred when the teacher, and she is the director, wrote the question “Who am I?” On the board, handed out leaflets and left us for two lessons. When she arrived, the transformation had already taken place. She said that you can keep the leaves. And the answer to this question is endless. I have been answering the question “Who am I?” For so long that I myself have become a specialist in finding other selves. And now I work as a transformational trainer – at the intersection of science, art and spiritual practices.

Now my spiritual practice is to be free and give this freedom to other people. And coaching is a tool for this. It allows using certain techniques to achieve the results that the client wants. The result of the session will always be a completed action plan. The practice of coaching is different in this – we always have a real, measurable result. And a person gets used to move in small steps towards big goals. Every day he does something small and suddenly at the end of the month he discovers that the book is written, the picture is created, the business is working …

Now I live in two countries, I spend most of my time in Koh Phangan. This island for me is a model of the world. Here I see life in all its manifestations and feel freedom. While practicing yoga, I saw how people from different countries create bridges between themselves here, agree, are in a stream of co-creation and build a more harmonious world.

Dmitry Shamenkov Doctor, member of the expert board of the Skolkovo Foundation, creator of his own Health Management System. 35 years