Where to go?

Who was: rock musician, teacher of Russian language and literature

Who he became: a yoga instructor, wrote the books “First Steps in Yoga” and “Second Steps in Yoga”

What I just did! In the era of the late Brezhnev stagnation, there was such a fashion – to play punk rock and work as janitors, watchmen and stokers. So I did all this. But for most of my conscious life I taught literature, the Russian language for foreigners. First at the university, then for many years – privately. I’m a graduate of the philological faculty of Moscow State University – such a classic university lecturer. So yoga has not changed the external side of my life, as I taught, I still teach. Just another item. I decided that this would be better after the reform in the education system: the traditional exam has replaced the traditional pedagogy. But I’m bored of dragging the young on tests. In addition, years go by, your students are always teenagers, and you get older. And you are no longer interested in them, but they are not with you. To start teaching yoga, I had to retrain for some time from teachers back to students. I received the instructor certificate by graduating from teaches at Prana, the largest yoga center in Moscow and throughout Russia. A very interesting feeling – with twenty years of teaching experience, sit down again at the desk. Such an experience would not hurt any adult to take and start from scratch. The main gain from yoga, it seems to me, is that a yoga practitioner can safely cross out his birth year in his passport. In the years 25–26, I composed a song called The Old Goat. Keeping in mind yourself! And now, 20 years later, there can be no talk of such a sense of self. Yoga is not a philosophy, not physical education, much less a religion. This is a technique for working with the body and mind. Which serves any mentality – and religious, and atheistic, and agnostic.

Tatyana Morozova, 40 years old

Who was: Top Manager at Nike and Meldform Metals Ltd., Royston, U.K.

Who she became: co-owner and representative of the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (Piyf), Hardwar, India