Anyone who is even a little familiar with Buddhist culture knows that yoga is not designed to lose weight, but to seek peace of mind and harmony. Therefore, many are skeptical of this practice, considering it pampering and a waste of time. Surely you did not realize that there is hatha yoga for weight loss, with which you can bring back to normal not only the soul, but also the body.

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What is hatha yoga and how does it help to lose weight?

When it comes to weight loss, yoga is the last thing that comes to mind. In addition, there is a stereotype that this is a sport for lazy people and loafers. Indeed, at first glance it may seem as if freezing in an uncomfortable position for several minutes is a simple and easy task, but in fact it is not.

Remember the game “sea worries once”? Even from the elemental figure on two legs, the body trembled, and you felt the tension of each muscle, covered with small droplets of sweat. Now imagine that you have been able to do this for an hour, and what kind of work your body will do during this time. Impressive, isn’t it?

In spiritual terms, the use of asanas for weight loss has special meaning, because the main cause of obesity is considered to be psychological disorders and a depressive state. Agree, losing weight is not so difficult – I sat on a diet for a week, and minus five kilograms.

It is much more difficult to keep this result and completely change your lifestyle, forgetting about bad habits and plenty of food forever. That is why yoga is perhaps the only form of physical activity that affects obesity in the most painful place – in our subconscious. So, if you are ready to completely change the vector of your life and never return to the past – go for it!