Truly miraculous ancient Indian teaching of yoga – an inexhaustible source of health and joy, is a harmonious system of organization of the physical and mental culture of man. The history contains many examples of how absolutely sick, crushed by problems and stresses, already elderly people fully recovered and became younger before the eyes of their amazed environment

Anyone who has heard about yoga “by the edge of the ear”, as a rule, believes that yoga is difficult. Indeed, classical yoga is quite difficult to master, and for its implementation requires special training – both physical and psychological. However, today yoga classes are very successfully adapted to the aspirations of every person who wants to take the path of self-improvement, healing and longevity.

Hatha yoga is a universal system of healing and self-improvement of a person and this is the art of controlling your body!

Hatha Yoga is the doctrine of physical harmony achieved through physical means of influencing the body (diet, breathing, asanas, bandhas, mudras), and psychic means (meditation and concentration during the performance of asanas, pranayama).

Each exercise in Hatha Yoga in a known manner affects a certain part of the body, organ or group of organs. Specially selected complexes of asanas, in which the sequence of exercises plays an important role, are used to improve and strengthen health, to combat various ailments. When performing asanas, take into account: breathing (on hold, on inhalation or exhalation) – the point where attention should be directed. Some asanas have contraindications to performance.

Diseases, according to yogis, are the incorrect distribution of vital energy (prana) in the body, and the performance of certain asanas (as well as the performance of pranayama) leads to the correct redistribution of prana in the body, which cures diseases, both physical and mental. Yoga in Yekaterinburg is a set of exercises adapted for people without strong physical fitness.

The complex provides for a smooth increase in load and complication of pos-asanas as practice and skill are developed. The program includes exercises that develop tendon strength, endurance, balance.