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I am increasingly being asked where to start studying esotericism? And although I do not consider myself an authority, I will try to everyone interested to offer a list of literature on esoterics, which I would advise to read.

So, and not only. :)

The books that I list below are the best I’ve come across in many years. Some of them are very unusual … Perhaps not all of them will “go” … Some just need to grow. But it’s definitely worth a try.

Don’t be afraid of the names, phrases, and terms that appear in the book’s contents, forewords, and chapter list. Books from the list are written in simple and understandable language, but nevertheless, many of them are very complicated and “multi-layered” things, the meaning of many of them comes only after some time. Tested on your own skin … :)

The list will give the best books in the main areas. Only together they will give a very good and “balanced” understanding of many things that are worth knowing and understanding to a person who is attracted to esotericism.

There is definitely no “garbage” that was written exclusively for making money on gullible gullible and superstitious hysteria. :) Only the best books on esotericism that I managed to read.

I must say right away that probably no more than 3% of what I read was in this list of books on esoterics. This, as they say, is a “candidate minimum”. :)

If you think that you are no longer interested, you can simply consider this my personal rating of books read. The emphasis in choosing books is made on the practical value of literature for esotericism.