The modern rhythm of life sometimes forces us to do several things at once. We do more, think faster and solve more complex problems than our parents. But the flip side of multitasking is stress. And often we feel as if we were driven into a cage.

Medicine can cure the body, yoga can cure the mind of anxiety and regain the pleasure of managing your own life.

How does hatha yoga practice work, and what is it?

Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice about the harmony of the body and mind, which is achieved through breathing exercises (pranayama), static and dynamic movements (asanas), energy locks (bandhas), meditation and concentration exercises. A sequence of asanas, combined with proper breathing and meditation, affects a specific part of the body or group of organs and helps to strengthen health and maintain a balanced mind.

Hatha Yoga for Beginners So you are a beginner. What should you know?

– Hatha yoga classes. Before each lesson, the teacher usually asks new students if they have any chronic illnesses or injuries. If you know that certain exercises are forbidden to you, feel free to talk about them to the teacher immediately before class. There is no need to repeat after all that which will harm you. – Hatha Yoga Asanas. There is no principle in yoga to do better than a neighbor or to do exactly as the teacher does. It is much more important to listen to your body and feel it. Maximize your investment in each movement, but do not do anything beyond your efforts. Without pain. Find your face, strive to where the work is going on. – Breathe. Always breathe. This is one of the most important things. Movement is equal to breathing, no matter where you are: on the rug, at home or at work. – Hatha Yoga practice. Do not be afraid to look stupid, do not be afraid to fall and get up again and again. Fear stops development, so it’s important to try, try and try again. You will succeed! – Focus on the moment here and now. Let there be no thoughts in the head. Devote two hours of silence within yourself. Appreciate and enjoy this moment!