The issue of training for expectant mothers is always acute: doctors, as a rule, recommend that they give up fitness and go, for example, to yoga for pregnant women. How to adjust the practice if you are expecting a baby? Together with experts, I tell you the key rules of yoga for pregnant women.

Do not be afraid to start practicing

It may well be that before pregnancy, yoga was of little interest to you. In this case, some experts do not recommend starting classes. But there is another opinion. “The sooner the expectant mother begins to practice, the more stable her psycho-emotional background will be, the stronger her muscles, the more mobile her pelvic bones, and the less she will become stagnant in the body,” comments Tatyana Egorova, hatha yoga instructor, yoga for pregnant women and children’s yoga at the Yoga Federation network of centers. – And sometimes the lack of practice before pregnancy goes to the beginning yogi plus: it is difficult for many advanced practitioners to abandon the full options of asanas. This destabilizes the ligamentous apparatus and worsens the regeneration processes after childbirth. “

First trimester

Follow mild practice in the early stages of pregnancy. “The first weeks after conception, when the embryo is placentated and the fetus begins to grow, is a very important period,” says Tatyana Egorova. “Unfortunately, many women ignore soft practice options these months and sometimes continue to engage in a dangerous forceful manner.”

In the first trimester, the practice as a whole should be restorative. “We try to avoid asanas that cause psycho-emotional overload or tension in the body, and especially in the lower abdomen. The pace of employment is very soft. You can use more props to preserve the usual detuning, spending less effort, ”says Tatyana Egorova.

It is good to spend most of the practice in lying poses. “Try to devote this time to awareness and acceptance of your new status, using harmonizing breathing techniques, especially if this period is complicated by the ailments accompanying pregnancy,” our expert comments.

Second trimester

Classes in this trimester may contain more strength elements. “The development of the fetus is stabilized, the threat of termination of pregnancy is minimized, the expectant mother is full of strength and longs for exploits,” the instructor adds.

Feel awake? Conduct a lesson at a moderate pace. You can adhere to standard practice, slightly modifying it with the help of additional equipment.

This sequence of asanas will help to relieve tension from the spine and keep the body in good shape. It was developed by Inna Vidgof, instructor of the TV channel “LIVE!”.