Everyone knows that only medications can not cure osteochondrosis. An integrated approach is required, which includes medicines, physiotherapy, and therapeutic exercises. Traditional medicine also does not stand aside from this problem and offers the treatment of osteochondrosis with the help of folk remedies – herbal infusions, home ointments and rubbing. Alternative medicine knows how yoga is used in osteochondrosis, and, according to the patients who practice it, back pain passes without a trace. But if you think that yoga is only certain physical exercises, you are mistaken.

The art of yoga originated in India more than 5 thousand years ago. The goal of yoga is to achieve unity of mind and body, which leads to an improvement in overall health. Yoga treatment of osteochondrosis is best started in a group where experienced instructors will teach you how to breathe correctly and perform asanas – special yoga exercises. Of course, you can learn special exercises with the help of video on the Internet, but it’s unlikely to teach you how to breathe, and even more so to change the attitude to your body.

If you do not have osteochondrosis, yoga for the spine will also be useful – it is an excellent preventive measure for many diseases. Preventive exercises are not complicated, and it is not necessary to learn them from an instructor. Let’s start with them.

Date with osteochondrosis is canceled

If you exercise regularly, include yoga exercises for your spine. And if you don’t, it’s never too late to start. So, let’s get started.

Exercise is simple but effective

Sit down on the floor and lie on your stomach, arms extended along the body – Slowly while inhaling, raise your right leg and right hand, stretch well – On exhalation, return to the starting position – Repeat the exercise with the left foot and left hand. It is desirable to end this exercise with such a movement, but do not strive to execute it right away

Harder exercise – twisting

Get down on the floor and lie on your back — Bend your knees and press your feet to the buttocks as much as possible — Try to inspect your knees to the left, to the floor, and the body to the right — Repeat twisting to the other side.

With these exercises, you will perfectly strengthen the paravertebral muscles, thereby improving its mobility and flexibility. And it is very likely that in your life meeting with osteochondrosis will not take place.

If osteochondrosis is already there

Yoga treatment has helped many patients get rid of the frequent pain attacks caused by osteochondrosis. But some caution is required here, and it is highly advisable to take group training. After all, your individual set of exercises also depends on in which section of the spine the disease is located.