Yoga workout

• If you have never practiced and do not know where to start, • if you have been practicing recently and have not yet figured out the key points, • if you feel insecure, come to any lesson for beginners.

Here you will find types of activities for beginners and find out what time they go.

Mysore class, yoga for beginners

Mysore class is the best way to learn Ashtanga yoga. Mysore class is suitable for everyone, and especially for beginners. In this class, under the guidance of a teacher who works with you individually, you will learn the first series of Ashtanga yoga from the very beginning.

In our studio, major classes are held on weekdays in the morning (from 6.30 to 14.00) and in the afternoon-evening (from 15.00 to 21.00) or on Sunday from 11.00 to 14.00. You can come at any time during the specified period (however, no later than one hour before the end of the class). That is, you can come at 6.30, at 8.25, 15.30, etc. Due to the individual approach, you can build your most convenient schedule.

Special Course – A two-day introductory ashtanga yoga course for beginners. Every month on the first weekend

What will happen:

Mastering the basic techniques of Ashtanga Yoga and the initial practical sequence, which can then be practiced at home or at the major classes. If you started with Mysore classes, it will be useful for you to attend an introductory course to deepen your skills. Also, this introductory course can be done for those who have not practiced yoga at all.

What to take with you

comfortable clothes for classes, a yoga mat (if you do not have a rug yet, you can use a public one, but a personal yoga mat is much more convenient and hygienic),

Which subscription to choose

There is a special subscription for beginners: 8 lessons for 20 days for 2000 rubles. You can attend any classes except master classes and led classes on Saturdays.