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Complex for weight loss – yoga asanas for beginners!

These yoga asanas support the elasticity of the muscles of the face, legs, buttocks and abdomen – stimulate blood circulation and blood circulation. At the same time, they allow you to relax and develop cortisol (stress hormone) and saturate them with blood, thereby slowing down the aging process in the cells and smoothing wrinkles. Yoga for weight loss will require daily exercise for at least 15-20 minutes, and for beauty and attractiveness, two to three workouts per week are enough.

Lean forward

Here’s how: stand straight, legs close together. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, slowly lean forward, lifting your straight arms, entwined with your fingers, up behind your back. The abdomen lies on the hips, the legs in the knees relaxed forward, fold your hands behind your back, and let your hands fall back to the front. Rest in the stomach on the hips. Freeze in this position, breathe evenly.

What it gives: Relieves tension in the upper back, strengthens the back, soothes the mind.


Here’s how: Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, arms hanging freely along the body. On inspiration, transfer body weight to your right leg. Grasp the left ankle with the palm of your left hand from the inside outwards and, bending slightly, take your left leg as far back and up as possible. To balance, stretch your right hand forward, palm open, facing the face. The thumb and forefinger are closed in a ring.

What it gives: Strengthens legs, improves flexibility, balance and concentration. This is a very effective yoga for weight loss.

Wild beast

Here’s how: Take the asana with the dogs looking down: resting on spread arms and legs, tailbone up, face down. As you exhale, transfer the body weight to your left arm and left leg, and with your right foot, step back, raising your hand above your head, and raise the body in lateral support. As you inhale, raise above your hips, and as you exhale, take a step with your left foot and stretch your right arm. Raise your hips higher with each breath.

What it gives: cheerfulness, energy, good mood.

Deep lunge with a turn

Here’s how: From the main pillar, take a wide step forward, raising your hands through the sides to the ceiling. Turn your torso to the right and when you exhale, spread your arms to the sides. The supporting leg is bent at the knee at a right angle.

Until: 3 deep breaths, and then return to starting position to perform yoga for weight loss with the other leg