YOGA 23 Andrey Sidersky

The basis of this system is 23 sets of basic exercises (or 23 matrices), which were assembled by a yoga gymnastics teacher, artist, author of many books and translator Andrei Sidersky.

Traditional types of yoga are created in different conditions than we live in. Another climate, another skeleton structure, other traditions. The Yoga 23 system is designed so that all these differences are taken into account and processed into a special kind of practice.

Yoga 23 is a mixture of hatha yoga, martial arts, freediving, fitness and swimming. Such a mix helps to achieve many goals, both for general development and for therapy.

YOGA23 FIT – fitness version of the training method YOGA23.

Features of Y23FIT:

rhythmic and dynamic basis — synchronization of movement, breathing, attention — change of several modes of performing asanas and breathing-meditative techniques of pranayama for optimal impact on practitioners — the dynamics of movements of the musculoskeletal system is clearly synchronized with the dynamics of the natural movement of blood, lymph, and other fluids, which leads to to strengthen energy processes.

When compiling the asanas sequences of the fitness version of the YOGA23 methodology, only exercises were used that have the most pronounced optimizing effect on both the structural, physiological and energetic, as well as the informational functional of a person.