Some partners are wondering where to pour traffic to information products in order to be profitable even on the most narrow topics, such as ours, for example: Video course “Secrets of successful dating VKontakte”, Video course “Master of Intelligent Cards”, Video Course “Secrets and braiding techniques”, Course “Do-it-yourself bathroom repair”, Video course “How to prepare a perfect wedding”, Video course “Tuning guru. How to make tuning with your own hands ”, Training video course“ YouTube Breakthrough 3.0 ”, Video course“ Hatha Yoga for Beginners ”.

It would seem that on such topics there is not very much demand and there are few search queries, but what prevents to attract targeted traffic + near-topic? This may spoil the conversion, but on the volume of purchased orders, you get much more profit. Do not forget that not only you, but also your competitors are trying to unscrew the main keys (in any niche), sometimes pushing prices to the skies.

There is no competition for those keys that, at first glance, seem irrelevant and are not put into circulation (they can also be called indirect), but, in fact, they also successfully attract traffic and sell products. Let’s compare the issuance of the secret and indirect keys for the product “Secrets and braiding techniques”.

Target request “Weaving braid course” (all ad slots are occupied, cost per click ~ 38.20 r

Indirect request “How to braid braids” (Special placement is free, cost per click ~ 5.40 rubles without taking into account settings):

* Moscow region

The fact is that by indirect requests there will be more traffic, but it will have to be screened out longer. Taking a place on the target keys + indirect ones, you will receive significantly more traffic at an affordable cost per click (over time, the price will fall), and this is the basis for analyzing and putting the campaign into a significant plus.

You can filter traffic by UTM tags (we have a service and instructions for use directly in the software) and metrics (you can put a landing page on your domain through an iframe or direct transfer).

An example (case) of how an expert receives traffic to a product with a narrow focus:

Do not be afraid of niche products and consider that no one needs it. A lot of examples of how partners brought sales of info courses to hundreds per day, it would seem at the rate that is not in demand and popularity. There is a customer for each product, you only need to attract it for your own benefit.