In the world there are many sports schools and areas that pursue their goal in the physical development of man. Someone wants to become strong and goes to the gym. Someone likes water and visits the pool. And someone wants to fill their body and soul with energy and goes to yoga classes.

Yoga is a single and comprehensive teaching, within which there are many different schools. Schools differ from each other in the distribution of emphasis, focusing on different aspects of the same subject.

Many sports professionals and doctors consider yoga classes to be the most harmonious methods of knowing your own body and its capabilities.

From the very first lesson, you will begin to learn asanas. Assans in yoga are called poses, of which there are a great many, but you need to start, as it should from the basics and basics. Despite the relatively small load, you will not be bored. you will learn not only about what yoga is, learn to use all kinds of auxiliary materials and watch your body. At this stage, the correct and accurate execution of all exercises is important, and when attending classes, teachers will carefully monitor this and prompt, give relevant advice, answer all your questions, and explain in detail how to perform poses.

A prolonged stay in yoga in a pose strengthens its effect not only on muscles, joints and ligaments, but also on internal organs, systems and even cells, emotional state and mind. In the process of practice, the body becomes not only stronger and more flexible, but also more symmetrical and even.

To start yoga classes should be under the supervision of a professional specialist who will monitor the implementation and setting of poses. Only correctly executed poses give the desired result. This fact is one of the minuses of doing yoga at home.

To give the body the correct position, which then needs to be maintained for a certain period of time, not everyone can. Yoga classes for beginners cause problems even for young and healthy people: unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyle does not contribute to maintaining good physical shape, making the body rigid, clamped and at the same time weak.