Sometimes, even after a long and sound sleep, waking up in the morning rested and full of energy is very difficult. Is it worth talking about those days when you manage to sleep only a few hours! As a result, we are meeting a new day far from the most cheerful mood, and the desire to cheer up does not leave for a minute.

The daily morning practice of yoga will fundamentally change the situation. There is nothing supernatural in this – yoga, like no other physical activity, contributes to the knowledge of one’s body, the achievement of inner harmony and balance, and the general improvement of well-being. For beginners, yoga in the morning can be the first step to a conscious full practice.

The morning yoga complex is designed to warm up muscles, improve joint mobility, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and increase the general tone of the mind and body. As a result, the body leaves its sleepy state, begins to better perceive what is happening around, less stressed.

“By morning practice, we create the prerequisites for the greatest effectiveness of our presence anywhere. The nature of our behavior shifts to an open look, a desire to act. To really understand what a good morning practice is, you just need to start doing it every day, and then inspire others with your inner state, ”said Anna Lunegova, AnySports coach, leading jivamukti yoga teacher in Russia.

At the same time, morning yoga for beginners should not be excessively heavy and intense. All asanas should be performed at a convenient pace, constantly listening to yourself. You need to do it first of all for pleasure and well-being: only then the morning yoga complex will become a familiar ritual, without which you will not want to start your day.

The morning yoga complex for beginners also should not be excessively long, it can consist of several circles of Salutations to the Sun or Salutations to the Earth and a complex of simple asanas. Gradually, you can increase the duration of classes and their intensity. “Of course, 5 minutes of yoga in the morning is a drop in the ocean. But the sea also consists of drops. Therefore, start with the time interval available to you and gradually increase the time for morning classes, ”advises Anna Lunegova.

In addition to asanas, the morning yoga complex for beginners can include active pranayama (breathing practices), as well as meditation, which will allow you to find the right mood in the morning.