It’s time to debunk the myth that asanas and meditation can only develop flexibility and relieve stress. We show you four simple power yoga asanas for weight loss.

Let the atmosphere in yoga rooms be filled with peace and harmony, the truth is that in a large set of asanas there are also those that make the heart beat faster and boost metabolism. So in one lesson you can combine cardio workloads, and the development of flexibility, and the strength component – that is why this practice never goes out of style. And you need, by and large, only a rug and a desire to try.

Helped us:

Ekaterina Eliseeva, Portal Editor-in-Chief, Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Yoginis have such beautiful hands, as if they (yoginis) are engaged with dumbbells and on simulators. Although usually from shells there is only one’s own body. Asanas are countless, so you can never repeat the same workout and always choose the right intensity for you, doing yoga for weight loss. This type of load makes the body more slim and fit, but does not increase muscle volume.

Start with the poses below, performing them in a row. If you feel your breath go astray, pause. Another option is to restore it in “Dog Face Down.” You can practice this wonderful program from 2 to 5 times a week.

1. Plank on straight arms

First get down on all fours, placing your palms under the shoulder joints. Then slowly step back until you accept the emphasis lying down (feet on the width of the pelvis). Keep the body stretched straight, straining the press, the muscles of the hips and the area between the shoulder blades, the heels of the pull to the floor, the crown – forward and do not bend the lower back.