Each of us wants to be a physically healthy person, but not everyone wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this goal is not so difficult, you can start doing yoga. Eugenia Gorsky, a certified yoga instructor, says that yoga is not only a healthy flexible physical body, it is a way of knowing oneself, a way to balance between body and soul. For the sake of mastering the art of yoga, Eugene left the post of judge and went to India to get knowledge in one of the leading schools of yoga in Rishikesh – the Himalayan Academy of Yoga. She will tell us about her path with yoga, about who you can do yoga, and who should not, and even delight fans of the famous Liverpool four by talking about the Beatles ashram.

–- Zhenya, how did you come to yoga and a healthy lifestyle?

– I have been practicing yoga since 2007. As a child, I did not have enough physical activity, my parents gave me to music school, I did not have time for dancing or sports sections, although I really wanted to. After receiving a musical education, occasionally in my life there were fitness, aerobics, exercise machines, until I met yoga. As a curious person, at some point I wanted to know what yoga is. At first it was very difficult, the joints did not bend, there was no stretch, it seemed that not a single asana (posture) was obtained. But it further spurred me to master yoga. Then it was rather a sporting interest. Before understanding the true meaning of yoga was still very far away. Gradually, yoga became for me an effective way to relieve stress, tension, while I was engaged in law practice, which took a lot of time, effort and energy. After several years, the understanding came that yoga is much more than a sequence of asanas and a healthy flexible physical body. Thanks to yoga, I came to a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical and breathing exercises, proper nutrition (if possible, natural products, without preservatives and chemical additives, 1, 5–2 liters of water per day, less fried, canned, spicy and no meat, sometimes fish, egg, bread and pastries without yeast), pure thoughts and good feelings.