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The most ideal morning exercise is one that gives enough exercise and is combined with your training regimen. Proper charging begins with an assessment of one’s own condition. If you hardly wake up, feel “cottony” and not capable of physical feats, it is better to take 20 minutes of any light cardio exercises as a charge.

A good exercise for a woman can be a short workout on a stationary bike, a bike ride or 20 minutes of brisk walking. This will work better than a “complicated” program with squats and twists. Well, you can always squat and curl when you wake up completely. It is important not to raise the pulse during morning exercises in this style above 60% of the maximum heart rate, and start at a slow pace, accelerating gradually.

If everything is in order with coordination, you can try 3 different strategies:

Morning exercises for beginners

You are generally not “very” in physical education, and have not systematically trained for more than 6 months? Then it’s worth starting with something very simple. For example, try 10 minutes of fast walking plus three sets of 15 repetitions of squats without weights, push-ups from the floor in any available version, and any exercise on the press that suits you and enjoys. Gradually add replays, and as soon as you reach 25 times, go to the middle level.

Average or morning exercise for weight loss

Perform this exercise, organized by the principle of a circular workout every day. Alternate the first and second sequence day after day:

1. A contract without rest, we perform 20 squats, 5 squats on one leg, 20 push-ups and complete 30 seconds in the Planck position. We do 5 rounds. Then 5 minutes of any cardio activity, except for jumping.

2. Again, without rest, 20 lunges from each leg or “walking lunges”, 20 push-ups for triceps, and 30 repetitions of the exercise “bicycle” or “climbers” to the press. We do 5 rounds, and again 5 minutes of any cardio activity.