Friends. Having the experience of a daily practicing doctor of an orthopedic traumatologist and daily teaching a yoga instructor, I often come across questions – is yoga safe? Is it possible to injure myself during class? and what asanas are better not to do without preparation? Indeed, as an orthopedic surgeon, I meet with patients who have been injured if the technique for performing asanas is not followed. This will be the focus of our two meetings. I will show how to prevent dislocations and sprains, for example, mastering the “bakasana”, how to protect your spine when performing, it would seem, a simple asana “birch” and much more. I am ready to tell you in detail about this from a medical point of view and show you safe options for performing asanas. By the beginning of the meeting, please prepare two yoga straps, two bolsters (two thick pillows), four bedspreads (blankets) and a stool or chair. Waiting for your questions on the forum site. Yours, Dr. Ravi.