The interview was recorded for the yoga for you information resource,

“Yoga for you” (YT): How long have you been doing yoga. How did you start your independent practice – in books / in the center or in a yoga studio?

Alexey Likhanov (A.L): Doing hatha yoga, i.e. yoga gymnastics, began in February 2010 on the Live Channel, where daily yoga classes for beginners took place. This was the first acquaintance with Indian practice, about which I did not know anything before. After about six months, he began to engage in a yoga group. I supplemented the classes three times a week in the group with three-hour classes at home. Since 2011, I began to study yoga philosophy deeper, listen to audio lectures, get acquainted with different styles and trends of yoga.

YT: Why did they start teaching?

A.L: If I answer that initially I didn’t have any desire to conduct classes myself, I would most likely be deceiving. The desire was, and, apparently, very strong. There was a feeling that I could not help but be. I did not need to try myself in this area, I knew that it was mine.

And here I want to express my gratitude to my teachers Anna Grabarchuk and Rabig Nabi (Orenburg Yoga Federation), who gave the impetus, the necessary impetus to begin my teaching activities. And most importantly, I received moral support from them and a personal example.

YT: How many people come to your classes? With how many students is it comfortable to engage in and keep track of all, correct asanas?

A.L: It happens in different ways. On average, our groups are from 5 to 12 people. Perhaps this is the most comfortable number of people in the hall. You have time to pay attention to everyone, to trace who is doing what, if necessary to prompt, come up to correct a beginner or hold on an experienced student.

YT: What qualities should a yoga teacher have? What is most important?

A.L: This is the most important question that I would like to answer. The teacher needs a desire to give, share his experience, pull to his level, motivate, morally support, praise students for their even small successes. You cannot become a good yoga teacher, just because of your personal achievements in practice.

I want to give advice to everyone who plans to embark on this path, think carefully a few times before enrolling in instructor training courses. If you expect that you will conduct group classes for your own pleasure, developing your own body, and generating income, then this is a myth. A teacher is one who, first of all, gives. It’s the most important.