Poster City: 15 best places

Today, various types of yoga are widely popular among different age categories of the population of Russia. Moscow yoga centers offer many types of Indian practice: from beginner courses to deep meditation. Guru yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga, dhyana, yoga mantra, sahaj, shakti and yantra yoga are far from all the kinds that are taught in Moscow yoga centers. In addition to general yoga classes, there are special programs for pregnant women and children. Classes affect a person comprehensively. Physically helps to restore balance in the body, improves metabolism, detoxifies, normalizes blood circulation. The body is rejuvenated, the color and appearance of the skin becomes better. Spiritually yoga helps to achieve internal balance, control emotions, withstand the various stresses that we experience daily. Moscow yoga centers regularly conduct seminars, trainings and festivals, which are attended by experienced teachers and authors of various methods. In each studio, you can choose an individual program. The centers are equipped with comfortable changing rooms, swimming pools, cafes and all necessary equipment.