I festival of yoga, positive energies and healthy lifestyle. Day 3

All good things come to an end. Here the “yogafest” is over. 3 days of happiness, harmony, self-knowledge and others in a paradise of Abakan. This is if very briefly about the festival. Not only I liked it, everyone liked it (I rounded it a bit). Without exaggeration, it was very unexpected for many that atmospheric action was at a high level. Without any sharp jambs. True, at the last draw, the public directly zealously demanded to mix tickets in the aquarium. Even they themselves rushed to interfere – I really wanted to win. However, luck is very selective – more often the same people won. Here is one woman won three times, every day once. Others doubled over the last evening. Fantasy! And we won’t win anything.

Oh well, back to the pleasant memories. The last day of the festival. The first thing I did was visit the esoteric corner in the park. I talked with an astrologer and a tarologist (this is the one who works with tarot cards). I didn’t guess on the maps, it was just interesting to know how it works and how experts in these areas evaluate different indicators of our world. As a result, astrology turned out to be a simple program in a laptop, where we enter data on the date, place and time of birth. Next we read the text. All tables are already invented, painted. And there is nothing to guess here. There is a forecast for favorable-unfavorable months of the year. Like the weather forecast. My Ulyana went to the tarologist. Well, here a miracle did not happen. All by. No comments.

Impressed by several things at the festival venues: the acro balance, which was first seen live. These are the guys who first organized the quest room based on the movie “Fatal Number 23” and the quest on the island “Lost”. And when everyone has time? And they twist each other’s legs and arms cleverly, and the entertainment suits. Unusual room, curious and exciting. Carving on berries, vegetables. Also a wonderful thing, I first saw and felt the roses carved in a watermelon. Rosettes from a vegetable marrow. Carrots and cucumbers also lend themselves to curly cutting. All this the master did for 1, 5-2 hours, she also taught all comers. Unusual and beautiful, you can easily surprise guests at the home table.

Over the previous two days, we took some photos of ourselves. We decided to materialize them in fridge magnets. The good guys from LinePrint helped us with this. For 150 rubles, 4 magnets of 7×10 centimeters and key rings from the festival came out as a gift. The quality pleased, now we give magnets to relatives.

At the Elite Tea venue, we continued to be treated to Chinese teas and Dominican coffee, after the closing of the festival we stayed for tea and watermelon. During this fun event, some drew henna with various patterns. We spent time with benefit. For tea went communication on various topics. And as it got dark – it’s time to take pictures, and later say goodbye. Sad moment. But the meeting ahead is on Dried apricots 2015.

Time in the park. Inspiration flies by. All three days – as one. Next year, the organizers promise to give us a second festival of yoga, positive energies and a healthy lifestyle. We wait!