Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - for

Weakness of the back muscles and problems with the spine are the reckoning of a modern person for the desire for comfort. Convenient office chairs and seats in cars, high-heeled shoes and other “useful” devices lead to the fact that the load that our body experiences every day is distributed unevenly.

Excessive effects on some muscle groups and insufficient development of others create the prerequisites for changing the optimal position of the joints of the spine. This leads to a violation of its natural function and the appearance of a number of problems:

changes in posture, impairment of the nerve endings that go to the internal organs, and a deterioration in their blood supply, metabolic disorders and the development of osteochondrosis, the occurrence of hernias and protrusions of the intervertebral discs, as well as a list of other unpleasant conditions.

The yoga complex for back health presented in the article is aimed at strengthening the deep muscle corset, which is involved in maintaining the spinal column in the correct position, and also helps to solve the problem of pain in the lumbar region.

The complex is designed for beginners and does not require prior physical preparation. The above exercises, in addition to affecting the muscles and joints, also have a beneficial effect on the hormonal and nervous systems. Pleasant well-being and an influx of fresh strength after performing this yoga complex will help you effectively cope with the tasks that arise during the day.