Borodayenko Tatyana – Yoga for all. Beginner Course

Title: Yoga for All. Beginner’s Course Release year: 2010 Artist: Tatyana Borodaenko Language: Russian Genre: Training video Duration: 10 hours Size: 4.25 GB

Description: These 20 classes on the Iyengar yoga system using improvised materials – pillows, blankets, towels – are intended for those who begin to practice yoga “from scratch”. A very gentle, slow and well-established approach to practice. Each asana is described in detail – the position of the feet, the position of the pelvis, knees, chest. Simplified body positions are explained for weakened, elderly people, for women on critical days, etc. Asanas are performed in statics. Slow entrance to the asana, retention and smooth exit from the asana. In my opinion, this course can be recommended for inflexible men, women during menopause, people who are just starting to practice, and those who have lost their shape due to injuries. Since the approach is very gentle and all the contraindications for each asana are voiced, as well as subtle points that you need to pay attention to, even our mothers and, possibly, grandmothers can try these classes. In addition, they can be recommended for those who are overweight or jumping pressure. There are many restoration shavasanas between asanas. This is the initial complex of asanas, and the implementation of each complex will take you only half an hour a day. Each lesson is designed for one week of execution. Do not rush, yoga is not a competition. When you master and feel with your body all the asanas of the complex, proceed to the next lesson. These lessons can be a good starting point for further study of yoga. The moderator is Tatyana Borodaenko, President of the St. Petersburg Yoga Federation.

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