Yoga at home. Hatha. Lesson 1

Lesson 1 (free)

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Lesson duration: 1 hour 02 min. Additional equipment: yoga mat, water bottle.

Topic: “Relieve stress and come into a state of balance and inner strength.”

Kriya: “Anti-stress complex for the adrenal glands and kidneys”

In order for us to have the ability to go to our destination, despite the challenges of fate, our energy must flow freely. This complex helps to relieve excessive stress, strengthen and tune the endocrine system, in particular the work of the kidneys and adrenal glands, and improve heart function. As a result, it will set you up for action from a state of calm and inner strength.

“Meditation to overcome self-hostility”

Self-destructive actions and self-hostility arise when we do not accept ourselves and reject our integrity. This meditation copes with a negative attitude towards oneself and gives one the ability to be constantly aware while maintaining one’s true “I”.

Mantras Used: Exercise 4, Mantra “Har” – (Creative Aspect of God)

Lesson 2 (free)

Lesson duration: 1 hour 07 minutes Additional equipment: yoga mat

Subject: “We are freed from our own powerlessness, we clear our subconscious mind of blocking attitudes and bring it into balance of energy”

Kriya 1: “Liberation from far-fetched impotence.” Practice will bring great healing to the body, good for the heart, and works through all body blocks. This kriya develops, given to us by nature, human courage, to overcome imaginary impotence.

Kriya 2: “Nabhi Kriya: Prana and Apana.” Balances prana and apana. It has a general strengthening effect, increases the tone of the body, eliminates mild forms of depression and enhances the healing flow of prana in the hands.

“Meditation for well-being and intuition.” The first exercise cleanses the lymph glands of the upper chest, heals the heart and is very beneficial for the mammary glands. It works with the right and left hemispheres of the brain, creating a balance between them. It will help you quickly understand what to do. Meditation will give you the opportunity to live …