yoga for beginners

FIVE MOST COMMON ERRORS BEGINNING IN YOGEY Yoga for beginners is fraught with many difficulties. Rarely, a person starting a yoga practice is able to immediately understand this complex technology and do without problems and injuries. Trying to analyze what are the most common mistakes in yoga practice for beginners, I found that there are only five such errors.

1. Fuzzy goal setting

Yoga involves very diverse practices, the effects of which are often contradictory. Yoga practices to achieve physical health do not necessarily develop flexibility — practices that increase physical conditions — flexibility and endurance — will not lead to peace of mind, and spiritual yoga practices may not contribute to physical health at all.

Each person who begins yoga practice must clearly answer the question: what does he want from yoga? Why did he start practicing? And to evaluate each lesson from a position: it helped to get closer to the desired or not.

For example, in a yoga class you brought back pain. So, the success of your practice will be determined by whether these pains decrease over time or not. If you were led by a desire to learn how to cope with stress and better control your consciousness, the criteria will be completely different: you should feel calmer, worry less about troubles, sleep harder, increase your ability to concentrate, etc.

If the beginning yoga practitioner himself does not know what he wants, there is a great danger that he will not achieve anything, and maybe even worsen the existing situation.

2. Lack of regularity in practice

I used to write an entire article about why homework for yoga is important for beginners and how to organize it. Therefore, I emphasize here only the main idea: without regular (this means everyday) yoga practice, you will not achieve anything, whatever your goals may be.

Of course, immediately after practicing yoga you will feel better, calmer and more cheerful – but this effect will not accumulate. Even more, the torn rhythm of practice will only be another stressful factor: you will be forced to spend all your time to adapt to yoga classes, but you will not have time to wait for their fruits.

Therefore, think about whether you are ready for regular classes – and if not, it is better not to start.