hatha yoga
If you are a beginner and feel insecure doing yoga at home, then you should heed a few tips before plunging into classes. A modest investment and good preparation will make yoga classes fun, effective and painless. And this in turn will lead to an improvement in your yogic experience.

1. Create the right space around you. There should be enough space for yoga. Take care that there are no items to hurt. To improve the atmosphere, you can use decorative elements: candles, aroma sticks and others.

2. Invest in activities. Of course, you need a rug or even two. Also, two rollers are needed under the knees. You will also want to have pillows and a blanket for yoga.

3. Take care to prevent personal injury. When you practice yoga in the studio, the instructor is responsible for your health. But at home, you yourself have to worry about safety and the lack of what could lead to injury. Stay away from furniture and children’s toys. It would be nice if you practiced on the parquet flooring. Joints can be injured on soft surfaces. Carpet complicates balancing.

4. Decide on the style of yoga. There are a huge number of them. Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga. But beginners should try something like Iyengar Yoga or Kripalu Yoga. It is these styles that allow you to train the main positions of yoga. If you prefer meditation, then Kundalini Yoga is for you.

5. Review the instructions for the selected style. This can be done using video tutorials or by attending several classes with an instructor.

6. Explore other techniques. Various books, magazines, online resources, individual videos and entire films will help you with this.

7. Learn yoga outside the home. Today, this can be done using various applications for mobile phones and tablets. For example, even sitting at work, you can train your breath. In our article, read how to do yoga at work.