Yoga for beginners, it is always something not known and often far-fetched. Many go to yoga, not knowing what they want to get from it. Very rarely, a novice can instantly understand the essence and not harm themselves. There are five basic and common mistakes among beginners.

The first mistake is a misunderstanding of the goal.

Yoga has many directions and varieties, which sometimes even contradict each other. Yoga that helps you achieve physical health does not necessarily make you flexible. Yoga, which develops flexibility and endurance, may not lead to peace of mind. Yoga, where you learn to relax and breathe, may not contribute to physical health.

If you want to do yoga, then try to understand why you need this? Maybe you want to make beautiful poses, maybe you want to get rid of back pain or any other problems with physical health, maybe you want to learn how to relax, get rid of stress and be in harmony with yourself, and many more are possible …

If a novice practitioner does not know what he wants, he will not only achieve nothing, but can also harm himself.

The second mistake is not regular practice.

You need to understand that without regular practice, you will not achieve anything, no matter what goals you set for yourself. The more you do, the faster you will achieve the result. Of course, it will be good and easy for you after classes, but as such, there will be no progress, perhaps even vice versa.

In the human body, all processes are cyclical, and the failure of any rhythm negatively affects the body. With yoga, the same thing is a cyclical process that helps maintain the health of the body and mind. Haphazard practice will only bring discord to the body.

And this does not mean that you have to go to a yoga center every day, of course, not everyone can afford it, but you can do it at home, at least for 15 minutes. per day, and twice a week to go to group classes. And this will give you not bad results.

So think about it, are you ready to practice regularly? If not, it is better not to waste time, neither yours nor your coach.